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There are some great resources out there for depressing climate science and draining political inaction. I’m here to tell you about how clean energy works, how it gets built, and why it’s doing better than you might expect. The best way to create a brighter future is to understand how to power it.

The inside scoop

My name is Julian, and my day job is reporting on the rise of clean energy for a publication called Greentech Media, the industry’s go-to news source. I’ve covered energy and climate change for six years, and published in The Atlantic, CityLab, The Guardian, HuffPost, Al Jazeera America, and more. I’ve seen firsthand how clean energy works, and how a lot of passionate, dedicated people are doing what they can to make it happen across the U.S. and the world.

The problem is, a lot of really vital stories don’t reach people beyond the hard-core wonks and insiders. The stories often get covered too simplistically, which means readers miss out on the fascinating tensions and rivalries and successes. It’s easy to find blogs that glamorize anything Elon Musk does. It’s harder to learn about the power struggles in the energy sector that affect us all, whether we understand them or not. Only by digging into how the system works can you uncover a surprising truth: clean energy is doing way better than most people think.

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How clean energy is taking on the world and winning


I report on how clean energy is taking on incumbent fossil fuels, and why it’s actually going pretty well.